5 Must-Read Blackjack Books

We believe that the key to success is through understanding. As such we have put together a list of the top 5 books that every Blackjack player should read if they’re hoping for success with this exciting online casino game. If you’re just getting started with Blackjack, make sure to check out available Casino Promotions … Continue reading 5 Must-Read Blackjack Books

Adventure vs Fantasy

An adventure video slot or one that takes you to a fantasy world filled with dragons – which one would you rather play? Take a look at this fun infographic from River Belle Casino and decide for yourself! We’re comparing players per game, percentage of mobile play, as well as bets placed per game. Plus, … Continue reading Adventure vs Fantasy

AI In The World Of Casino Games

Artificial intelligence, also known as AI, is a very misunderstood aspect of technology. Likely due to the influence of a number of popular science fiction movies, many seem to believe that the technology is somehow dangerous, or venturing into areas best left untouched. Of course, for those who understand exactly how artificial intelligence works, it’s … Continue reading AI In The World Of Casino Games

Why eSports are Real Sports

When attempting to quantify the statement “Why eSports are real sports”, it’s important to take a look at how eSports compare to traditional sports on all levels.  Traditionalists still tend to argue that eSports isn’t a real sport due to the fact that there is no physical and/or athletic effort on the part of the … Continue reading Why eSports are Real Sports