For the avid casino enthusiast, there is nothing more pleasing than walking into a well-known land based casino. It is hard to describe exactly how casinos effect this change in the masses; however, some people have a pretty good idea.

Have you ever wondered why casinos don’t have clocks? Have you ever left the casino to find a bathroom? Ever get served free drinks or a complimentary meal? These are not just casino perks; they are specific casino designs that all work together to create the most pleasing and soothing atmosphere for guests themselves.

A Place Without Time

Let’s take a look at the first example. In most land-based casinos it is almost impossible to find a clock. The reason for this is quite simple. The casino doesn’t want you to worry about what the time is, where you need to be, or how late it is getting. If you don’t know the time, you can just keep playing until you feel thirsty or hungry. Some casinos even stay lit as day or night 24/7 so you don’t feel time passing!

Lowering Your Inhibitions

So, why do casinos offer free drinks? Generally, when a person drinks, their inhibitions are lowered slightly. Unless you are completely immune to the effects of alcohol, chances are you are going to take that extra risk, make a slightly bigger bet and play that one extra game that you would normally not do. By comping you with drinks, the casino can ensure that you are happy, in a good mood and ready to spend money.

Let’s look at the design of the casino itself. When you walk into the casino, you will probably get the feeling of familiarly and comfort. This is because the lighting in the casino has been designed to mimic your living room and thereby create a sense of calm. The process is completely unconscious an instantaneous.

A Maze of Lights

Almost every part of a casino has been designed to funnel guests into the heart to the casino itself. The bathrooms are always located in the centre of the casino. This is because the casino would rather have you go deeper inside the casino than leave the floor in order to find the facilities. The same applies for ATM’s, snack machines or any other convenience you may be looking for.

Have you ever wondered about the flashing lights and noisy machines? This too is a design implemented by the casino to keep players on the machines. When people see the flashing lights and hear the whooping of the machines, they automatically think that someone, somewhere is winning. Of course there is always someone winning, and if you play online you’ll find that out soon enough too!