Top 5 Slot Myths

The world of gambling, both online and offline, is full of superstitions and superstitious players. It’s no wonder actually. The apparent randomness at which both amateurs and experts alike win it big has been baffling people since gambling first began thousands of years ago. But there are some myths that we just can’t continue to … Continue reading Top 5 Slot Myths

The Top Blackjack Tips

Blackjack is an extremely popular table game, and not only because it’s one of the games that allow you to influence the outcome of every hand. With many table games, such as Roulette or Craps, the player can only guess at the best possible outcome, and the winning roll or spin is pure chance. Blackjack … Continue reading The Top Blackjack Tips

Top 10 Sci-Fi Themed Slots

The genre of science fiction focuses on concepts that aren’t necessarily based on fact or what is currently available in the world we live in, but rather focus on futuristic or imaginative technological and scientific innovations. There are many subgenres of Sci-Fi, including everything from cyberpunk to space western, and when one applies this branch … Continue reading Top 10 Sci-Fi Themed Slots

The Early History Of Slots

Slot games are extremely popular and they have entertained players for over a century. However, while the modern video slot allows the manufacturer a lot of creativity in creating images, themes, sounds tracks and an amazing player experience, the images displayed have a much more interesting, and mechanical history. Humble Beginnings The very first machine … Continue reading The Early History Of Slots

The Origins Of Video Slots

Anyone who plays online will be more than familiar with video slots, and these great games are available in their hundreds at River Belle. Proven to be the worlds most popular casino game, video slots pip all other forms of wagering entertainment to the post and remain a player favourite. But where did these games … Continue reading The Origins Of Video Slots