Fun Facts about Keno

At River Belle Casino we offer a huge range of casino games in every shape and form. One of the most popular lottery-style casino games found online is Keno. This exciting lottery game offers players huge payouts with a number of betting options. But where did the game originate and why? In the notes below, … Continue reading Fun Facts about Keno

Crazy Facts About Craps

The dice game of craps, like many other table games, has been around for a few hundred years. Its history is a colourful one, and many superstitions have sprung up around the popular game. Take a look at a few crazy facts about it, find out how it developed, how it was played in difficult … Continue reading Crazy Facts About Craps

Casino Lingo By Region

Since there are casinos in almost every country in the world, there are bound to be slang terms that are specific to a particular region. After all, any activity that gets adopted by a culture is going to get localised in one way or another. Here are a few casino terms, the country they are … Continue reading Casino Lingo By Region

10 Celebrity Gamblers

The world of gambling has its celebrities, as with any other industry. Some gambling celebrities are well known for outstanding performances in tournaments, which is certainly an achievement that deserves recognition. Others were already a celebrity in a different industry, and have drawn attention to the fact that they participate in the gambling world. Either … Continue reading 10 Celebrity Gamblers